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How does GradLeaders Recruiting (GREC) work and how does it benefit job-seeking students?

GradLeaders Recruiting (GREC) is a sourcing and recruiting platform for many top companies including WalMart, JPMorganChase, PwC, Bain, McKinsey, Danaher, etc.  Schools using the GradLeaders Career Center (GLCC) platform have the benefit of this additional option to highlight their students for sourcing.  In addition, companies will post jobs that can then be shared within the GLCC platform.  

GREC can help students get more and different job opportunities from our partner companies. All GREC companies are fully-vetted by the GradLeaders team and are often companies that do not recruit on all campuses. 

How it works?

GREC users search the database on multiple profile fields and questions.  Students that complete all the fields on their profile will be open to more opportunities.  It is important to make these profile questions required in GLCC so that your students complete them and get noticed. 

The standard questions include:

  • Citizenship Status
  • Class Year
  • Club Affiliations
  • Function - Preference
  • Geographic - Preference
  • Industry - Preference
  • Language Ability 
  • MBA Concentration (MBA only)
  • Technical Skills
  • Total Years of Work Experience
  • Work Authorization

Inclusion in the GREC database allows companies to search for them based on the above criteria.  When they find a match, they will contact the students with information about the position and next steps to pursue if interested. 

To learn more about how to get your students noticed for more top job opportunities, contact your CRM or support@gradleaders.com.


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