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How to Share a Standard Looker Report as a Widget on the Student / Candidate Dashboard

Share Data Analytics with students via the student dashboard.  Metrics for advising, on-campus interviews, workshops, internships and application activity are all available as standard widgets.  

Here are the steps to access and share:

How to Access Standard Reports (Metrics)

The Standard Reports are accessed through Reports > Metrics Dashboard > Looker Reports

NOTE: Standard Reports will vary by school type. 


To access and review data, click on the report name, ex. Advising Monthly Fill Rates - Year over Year.


To share the report as a widget on the student dashboard

Click on the arrow in the Action column next to the report to be added. 

Select Audience > Students

  • Students - adds a widget displaying the report to the student dashboard
    • Note: Only students with the Data Analytics permission in their permission group can view the widget.
    • Click on Students.
    • Click Save.
    • Select Programs. Save.
    • Select Permission Groups. Save.
    • If you log in as student in this program and permission group, the report is available as a menu item in the Data Analytics Menu


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