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Company/Contact Management Module

This module helps the school organize and manage their company and recruiter contact information and history.  Most of the data in this module will originate either from a legacy system (pre-GradLeaders) or from the Employer module in GradLeaders Career Center.  As new firms come into the site to post jobs, search the resume data base (RDB), etc., they are prompted to complete a profile for their company record and their recruiter record.  Schools have a lot of flexibility in the data they choose to gather from employers, but GradLeaders will recommend basic configuration options at initial setup.

Administrative users have full visibility and add/edit/delete capability on this information. Additionally, the admin module has many search options so that all companies and/or recruiters in a particular industry / region / etc. can be identified.  Batch emailing and exporting is available on the search results.  In addition to the profile information provided by the recruiters themselves, GradLeaders has a note tracking feature to allow the Career Management Office to track and manage all contacts with a firm.  An activity summary tab shows the admin user all activity for a given organization, including all job postings, events and on-campus interviews.

Many schools give their candidates visibility into the company and recruiter files that they manage, allowing their candidates the same searching and exporting capabilities that they have in admin.  Schools may choose to restrict certain pieces of information and keep it out of the candidate view, including things like cell phone numbers and internal notes.

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