Employment Report w/Profile and Follow up responses

Report Title:  Employment Report w/Profile and Follow up responses
Module:  Job Reporting
Parameters:  Reporting Year, Candidate Set(s), Offer Type, Offer Date, Offer Status, Class Year, Program, Candidate Job Reporting Status, Industry, Job Function, Location, Last Update Date, Data to Include, Columns from Profile Responses, Columns from Job Offer Responses, Columns from Not Seeking

The Employment Report w/Profile and Follow up responses Report provides a detailed spreadsheet of all employment reporting data that meets the selected parameters.  Depending on what parameters are selected, additional output columns may be included in the spreadsheet.

Output columns are:

  • Person ID
  • Candidate Name
  • Candidate Last Name
  • Candidate First Name
  • Candidate Middle Name
  • Candidate Job Reporting Status
  • Status Updated via Mobile
  • Note Text
  • Note Date
  • Note Posted By
  • Offer Input via Mobile
  • Offer - Is Locked

Any report with a Date Range search, it is HIGHLY Recommended that a date range be included. Not including this can cause reports to time out due to the amount of data.

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