How to Create and Select Email Headers

Schools have the option to use headers with their email messages.  Admins with "System Email" permissions will be able to edit or select headers for email templates and other career center emails.

For emails that do not use a template, there is a default header for the respective PID. 

  • Student/Candidate PID for student emails
  • Job Board PID for all other emails

Headers are available for email messages from the Career Services office or from a specific user.  They are not available for emails from students (ex. peer advising appointments) or employers.  

Any email header changes can take up to 15 minutes to take place.

Email Campaigns will respect the Default Email Header for messages to both Employers/Recruiters and Candidates/Students

Transaction logs will not include the header with the text of the message.


Accessing Email Headers

Access all headers at Configuration > Messages > Email Headers

To access the Email Header Page, click on the Title hyperlink.  Sets indicate the number of PIDs that have this selected as a default header.  Active indicates if this header can be selected in an email message.  

Search is available for the title or any text in the body of the message.


Creating an Email Header  

In the Messages screen (above), click on Add Email Header. This will take you to the Email Header screen.

Title - name of the email header

Text - Add your header image in this text box.  

  • Can add text or images or both
  • For best results, do not upload the image here.  Store the image and include a hyperlink to that location

HTML Guidelines for Email Headers

    • DO NOT USE Base64 encoded image tags (images uploaded directly into the text editor) in Email Headers because they will not work in many of email clients.  Instead, store the image in another location and insert a hyperlink to that image.
    • Use "div" around images to make sure text does not right-align.
    • Specify border=0 to prevent any boxes from displaying around the image in the email message.
    • Use the recommended image dimensions as this will prevent the message text from jumping around and will make it apparent that images need to be displayed if the email client is blocking them by default.
    • Use an alternate text.
        <.img src="" alt="GradLeaders Logo" width="275" height="85" border="0" />
      • MAY NOT WORK: <.img src="" alt="" />

Default for These Sets - Lists each Set (PID). To make this header the default for that particular set, check the box next to it. 

  • Any given Set can only be associated with one Email Header.  Any selections made here will override selections on other Email Headers.
  • The default header will be used with any email that does not use a template. 

Active - indicates if this header can be used with email messages

Created by - user that added this header

Created Date - date header was created

Updated by - user that last updated this header

Updated Date - date the last update was made


Selecting Email Headers

Within the Send Emails page, there is now an option to select an Email Header.  Click on the Email Header dropdown and select a header or use the Default Header (as specified above) . 


To test an Email Header, select the header and complete other elements of the message that you want to see in advance.  Click on Send Test Message and confirm the email address to send it to.  The header will appear in that test message.


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