Managing Candidate Event Signup Conflicts

GradLeaders Career Center can handle conflicting candidate signups in one of two ways. The system can either prevent conflicts, or the system will only warn of conflicts. By default, the system is set to only warn when a conflict occurs. However; this can be changed through an OCR Setting called “Option to handle event signup conflicts”.


When the candidate clicks the [Signup] button, the system will look for other signups for the logged in candidate that have the same date, and when any portion of the event time span overlap. (The time span is defined as Event Start to Event End Time.)


If there are no signup conflicts found, the signup popup uses a generic "success" message to indicate that the candidate has been signed up. However; if a conflict is found, the system will behave in one of the two methods below.


  • If the setting is set to 'warn only', then - the candidate will receive a message stating that there is a conflict and will be signed up for the event.
  • If the setting is set to 'prevent conflicts', then the candidate will receive the custom message defined by the school and that candidate is NOT signed up for the event.
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