GradLeaders Career Center – Admin Usability Upgrades May 4, 2020

Multi-Window / Multi-Tab Capability

Menu Improvements



Select Student Page Enhancements


General Usability



Multi-Window Best Practice Use Cases

1. Approving Jobs, Recruiter Contacts and Companies. Many schools have all new company, recruiter contacts, and job postings that are input by employers default to a ‘Pending' status. All 3 must be approved before becoming visible to students.




2. Managing Coaching / Advising schedules. The screens below show the process for our Appointment Blocks module, but the same concepts apply to the legacy Advising schedule as well.



There are many other places in your day-to-day use of the system where you will find multi-window processing useful. Perhaps with Job Offers, On-Campus Interviews, and many other places. If you invent a great process, please share it with your GradLeaders contact!

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