Recruiter Account Info

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Recruiter Account Info 

Email ID:




Email Recipient(s):

Recruiter with user account 

Email Trigger:

An admin user clicks 'Send Account Info' button on the recruiter profile. 


This email template has a generic message at the GradLeaders Standard level. It is sent via automatically when an school admin user clicks 'Send Account Info' on a recruiter profile record.

The email may be edited by an Admin user on the Job Board to provide a custom email message for the school.

Available Parameters

  • ContactFirstName - {contactfirstname}
  • ContactLastName - {contactlastname}
  • Password - {password}
  • UserName - {username}

This email is controlled by the following settings and/or permissions (if applicable):

Permission: Company File > Sub Menu - Recruiter File > Recruiter File - Recruiter Detail Page > Send Account Info


If an admin user who has permissions to send the account info, the button will only display on the recruiter profile if that recruiter has a login account, otherwise, it will not be displayed.

If you do not have access to the configuration, please use the “Contact” link above for assistance with modifying your email templates or contact a GradLeaders Representative

An example email:


Your Account Info 



Dear {contactfirstname} {contactlastname},

Your account login information has been reset. Your login credentials are now:

Username: {username}
Password: {password}



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