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Application Deadline must be on or before

Problem: Job ABC posted on December 1, 2013 currently has an application deadline of December 31, 2013 and I want to extend this date to March 5, 2014, but I get an error telling me the application deadline date must be on or before March 1, 2014, why is that?

Resolution: This is a result of the job board setting called "Job Posting - Expiration Max". It is currently set to 90 days which means that the application deadline date cannot exceed 90 days past the job posting date. This setting allows the following date choices:

30 Days

60 Days

90 Days

120 Days

No Limit

In order to allow a job application deadline date of March 5, 2014, you would need to change the setting to 120 days.

You can find the setting here: Configuration>Settings>Job Board>Job Posting - Expiration Max

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