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With MultiPost, students have access to more relevant jobs flowing into your school job board.   In addition, employers can more easily use your platform to share jobs across their target schools.

Here is how it works:

  • Employers post jobs on the school site.  When the posting is saved, they will be presented with a message asking if they would like to post at up to X schools at no charge, more schools for an additional charge or if they want to decline and post only at this school. 
  • Employers can then easily post to X schools (at no charge) or more (for an additional charge)Next, they select schools and pay (if applicable) without leaving your career center platform.
  • Employers do not have to re-enter job posting information if they want to share with other schools.  

What does this mean for your school?

  • More jobs and internship opportunities for your students
  • Targeted jobs flow directly into your school branded job board (after you approve them)
  • The GradLeaders team will screen jobs posted from other school platforms prior to your review
  • Recruiters are happy because they can post to several schools in one platform
  • Retain control over jobs and employers available to students
  • Your database remains private and secure – only job postings are shared with other schools (just as your school will have access to postings initiated at another school)

How does this work for the employers?

  1. Post the job (same as it is now)
  2. Message appears asking if they wish to post to other schools
  3. Select schools
  4. If # of schools is more than x limit for free posting, payment option is presented
  5. Job is posted to the school where it originated
  6. Job is reviewed by GradLeaders and made available for approval to other schools selected
  7. Students have access to more targeted jobs through your job board
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