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Implementation Plan - Advising Email Templates List

Below is a list of customizable email templates that are associated with the Advising Module. 

Audience Email ID Email Type Email Name Active Default Module Description of Email
Admin 190 Agent Admin Advising Reminder No Yes Advising This email is sent when an admin sets the number of days before an appointment they wish to receive an email. Once that date is reached, the email is sent.
Student 38 PopUp Appointment Remove From Signup Mixed Mixed Advising Admin removes candidate from an advising appointment or when a candidate Removes themselves from the signup list.
Student 39 Automatic Appointment Add To Signup Mixed Mixed Advising Admin adds a candidate to the appointment or when a candidate adds themselves to an appointment.
Student 40 Automatic Appointment Promote From Waitlist Yes Yes Advising Admin promotes a candidate from waitlist for an advising appointment
Student 41 PopUp Appointment Cancel Mixed Mixed Advising When an advisor cancels (deletes) an appointment, this email message is sent to the candidate signups. When a candidate cancels their appointment signup, this email message is sent to the advisor.
Student 87 Agent Advising Candidate Automated Follow-up Mixed Mixed Advising This email is sent on a nightly basis to candidates who have attended (marked as attended) an advising appointment. This only sends based on a setting
Student 91 Agent Advising Appointment Reminder Mixed Mixed Advising When the setting for "Advising Appointment Reminder email" is set, this email will send x number of days before appointment
Student 137 PopUp Appointment Add To Waitlist Yes Yes Advising When an Admin adds a candidate to an advising appointment waitlist
Student 248 PopUp Office Hours Cancel Yes No Advising When office hours are cancelled 
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