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Admin Single Company Event Details Walkthrough

Now that the event request has been approved and the date and location for the event assigned, the system moves the admin to the Company Event Details page. This page is where all of the details for the event are entered into the system. (Note: The following information is based on the default survey that GradLeaders recommends. Each school may be different based upon school needs and/or business processes. If you need more specific clarification, please feel free to contact a GradLeaders Representative.)

The survey on the event details page starts with the organization's name and the original request information for easy reference. The title of the event is pulled in from the organization's name and is editable by the admin to suit the company and/or schools needs. The system also pre-selects the Eligible Class Year based on the event request from the employer, and the admin may change the selection if needed. Each event may also be broken out by Eligible Programs by the admin so that only candidates in the select programs will be able to view the event.

The presentation date is pre-filled by the system based on what date the admin selects when assigning the date. The start time, however, is chosen by the admin based on the requested time of day from the employer, as well as the duration. The Room, or location, is also pre-selected based on what location is assigned by the admin when they are confirming the event.

Next the admin may select the max attendees that can sign up for the event, followed by the signup start and end times. The max attendees will pre-fill based on the room selected for the event if the room has a maximum number of attendees. The signup start time defaults to the date that the event is being confirmed and the signup end date defaults to the date before the event. These are adjustable based on the company or school's needs.

The industry and description are pre-filled based on the company's profile. The admin may choose to change these items or choose to leave them as they are based on the company. If a company has multiple contacts attached to it, the admin may choose who the Presenter(s) will be based on information from the company.

The last items that the admin must determine are whether signup is required, and if the event will be visible to the candidates. If the admin chooses that signup is not required, then any student who is aware of the event may attend, otherwise, they must sign up for the event.  An admin may choose to mark the event not visible to the candidates if they are only inviting select candidates, or if the company is only placing the request to hold the room or time. This may be changed based upon the company and/or school's needs.

Once all of the information is complete, the admin clicks 'Save' and the event record is stored. At this point, any changes to the company industry and/or description will not be updated on the event. Once the event has been saved, the system will route the admin to the Company Events Detail page.

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