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Job Search Agents

Job search agents set up in GradLeaders Career Center are a great tool for candidates to set up to manage automated searches for jobs based on criteria that the candidate selects. Job agents are sent every morning based on the candidate's defined setting of daily, weekly, twice a month, or monthly.

The email that the candidate receives can contain a number of jobs that match as well as a link directly to their job search. (For a list of all parameters that can be used, please visit the Job Search Agent article here.)

All job search agents in the system will expire after a specified time frame of inactivity determined by the school. If a candidate has not logged into GradLeaders Career Center before the end of this timeframe, their job search agent will be disabled and can be re-enabled at any point. Before the agent is turned off, the email will contain a message indicating that the agent will be turned off after x number of days unless the candidate either logs into the system, or clicks on a link provided in the email. This link will reset the counter for that candidate.

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