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Resume Referral Program (RRP)

The Resume Review Program (or RRP) is a utility developed to assist candidates who, in the spring as the end of the school year approaches, are still looking for internship or full time job offers. The RRP process is available by two specific dates, the RRP Start and RRP End dates. RRP will only be available for jobs during this time period.

RRP will automatically perform a Work Authorization > Citizenship Status match for Job Posting that have the "US Work Authorization Required" response even when a school mapping has not been set up for the question.

The "Search Candidates" on the Job Posting Details page is only hidden if "RRP Job?" is set to "No".

Job Postings created by the employer that do not have alumni designated as the Job Audience are automatically classified as RRP jobs if it falls within the RRP period.

When an admin is completing the RRP process by adding candidates to the application list, the email containing the emails is sent to either the Job Contact or Application Email address as defined below:

  • If the Job Posting application method is "apply via email", then the RRP results should be use the job "Application Email address." as the default "To" email address.
  • If the posting is not "apply via email" (or the "Application Email" is blank), then the system should use the "Job Contact email address" as the default "To" email address.
  • If the posting is not "apply via email" and the "Job Contact Email" is blank, then the system should use the job posting's attached Recruiter's Contact email address as the default "To" email address. 
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