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Which Reports Allow You to View Major and Last Login?

See the bulleted list below to view reports that allow you to view major and last log in as parameters/filters and outputs/reports.

  • Employment Data With Profile Report
  • Candidate Profile With Co-op Report
  • Mock Interview With Profile Responses Report
  • Workshop With Profile Responses Report
  • Candidate Application Report
  • Candidate Contact Report
  • Candidate Disclaimer Report
  • Candidate Mailing List Report
  • Candidate Population Report
  • Candidate Usage Details Report
  • Employment Reporting Outreach Report
  • Invite Percentage Report
  • Job Offers Report
  • No Show Report
  • Student Interview Report
  • Candidate Scorecard Report
  • Advising Activity By Student Report
  • Candidate Visit Invite Job Count Report
  • Employment Follow-up Report
  • Entrepreneur Survey Report
  • Feedback Survey Report
  • Job Report Status Report
  • Status Discrepancies Report
  • Student Event Report
  • Job Status Report
  • Advising Activity Report
  • Advising Attended Report
  • Advisor Evaluation Report
  • Candidate Demographics Report
  • Job Offer Report
  • Visits Report
  • OCR Application Count Report
  • Advisor Student Outreach Report
  • Advisor Student Timeslot Report
  • Advisor Student Waitlist Report
  • Student Signup Conflicts Report
  • Workshop Attendance Report
  • Workshop Student Waitlist
  • Workshop Metrics Report
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