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How to use the HTML Editor to create email messages, descriptions and other text

GLCC uses an HTML editor to add, copy or modify the body of an email message, description, or other text information.

This can be done anywhere you see the HTML text editor box:


Below are some tips for using the HTML editor.

To copy/paste text from Microsoft Word:

  1. In Microsort Word -
    1. Highlight text
    2. Click on Copy or Ctrl+C
  2. In GLCC - 
    1. Click in the Email Body
    2. Click on Ctrl+V

To change font, font size, bold, italics or underline:

  1. Type or paste text into Email Body
  2. Highlight text
  3. Click on font, font size, bold, italics or underline button (hover over button to identify)
  4. Change by selecting from the dropdown

To add an image to the body of the message, description or note:

       1.  Place cursor where you want to add the image.

       2.  Click on the three vertical dots in the icon ribbon and select the image button. 


       3. Drag and drop or click in the drop image box to select the image.  


       4. Click Open. 

NOTE: You may also add the image using a url by clicking on the URL icon and entering the correct URL of the image. 





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