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What is available in the Admin Utilities menu?

The Admin Utilities menu is available for career services staff to perform typical user verification and maintenance.   This menu is available by user and should only be assigned to those who are trained to use it.  Contact support@gradleaders.com to configure for your school.

Access at Other Activities > Utilities.

The Utilities screen provides an easy way to accomplish common admin tasks.


Check Email Subscription Status 

  • This shows if a user is subscribed to receive email messages.  If not, you can resubscribe that address if given permission by the user.
  • Enter the email address.  Click Submit.


Check Email Validity Status 

  • Verification is done by the user when they first log in to the system.  An email is sent to them that they then verify by clicking on a link.  This ensures delivery of the emails that you send to this address.
  • Enter an email address.  Click SubmitEmail Status is listed.   

Change Username

Enter the Username of an existing user.  Click Find.  Enter the New Username.  Click Change

Change Email

Enter the Username or Email Address of an existing user. Click Find.  Enter new Email Address.  Click Change.


Change Default Profile

  • A change to the default profile will change the dashboard for that user upon login.
  • Enter the Username or Email Address of an existing user. Click Find.  Enter new Email Address.  Click Change.

Remove Admin Role

  • This will remove the Admin role and functions for a user.  A common use of this would be for student workers that are leaving the career center. 
  • Enter the Username or Email Address of the user. Click Find.  Click Remove Role.





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