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Viewing and Editing the Candidate File

Viewing Candidates:  

To view candidates, click on Candidate File from the dashboard toolbar.  The main page displays a grid with candidates listed in alphabetical order.  There are 4 tabs to help manage candidates:

  • The 'All' tab includes all candidates in the system
  • The 'Matched' tab lists candidates who match your current search criteria
  • The 'Selected' tab includes all candidates you have selected for future viewing
  • The “Folders” tab allows you to view folders of candidates you have created

 To view an individual candidate profile, click on the candidate's name in the grid.

Editing Candidate Information:

To edit candidate information, first click on the candidate's name to open their profile.  To edit contact information, such as name and address, click on the “Edit Contact Information” icon located on the right side of the page.  Make the necessary edits and click Save.  To edit account information, scroll down to the Account Information box and click on the “Edit Account Information” icon.  From there, you can edit the candidate username, password, email, and account status by making changes and clicking on the “Change” fields. When done, click on the “Return” button at the bottom of the screen to return to the previous screen.

To edit detailed profile information, scroll to the Detailed Profile section and click on “Edit this Information” icon to edit all questions at the same time.  After making the necessary edits, click the Save button to return to the candidate profile page.    

To edit each section individually, click on the individual “Edit” button to the left of each question.  After making the necessary edits, click the Save button to return to the candidate profile page.


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