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How do recruiters gain access to our resume books?

Question: How do recruiters gain access to our resume books?

Answer: Recruiters gain access to a schools resume books by ordering the resume books from the webstore.

Recruiters would go to http://www.gradleaders.com/Products/ResumeBooks/Buy.aspx to order the resume books they want. They will need to create an account in order to purchase the resume books.

Note: If the recruiter has an existing account with your school, but not at www.gradleaders.com, then they will need to create an account. The system will link the two accounts so long as the email address and username matches. If the recruiter is a new recruiter with the school, the system will create their account at the school so that their www.gradleaders.com and account at the school are the same. 

Once the recruiters place their order it will appear in the admin ordering module. There you would approve the order and the recruiter would receive an email with a login link to the resume book and an access code to view the resumes.

Note: All recruiters who order your resume book will have to wait to gain access until the resume book release date.

Click here if you would like to know more about the admin ordering module.

If a recruiter contacts you with any problems purchasing a resume book or getting access to their account on the GradLeaders website, please forward them to support@gradleaders.com

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