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Ordering Module

The Ordering Module in GradLeaders Career Center allows Career Service administrators to view orders for the schools resume books that have been released.

In order to allow CSO Admins greater control in selecting orders for approval, orders are able to search for a particular order by date range, item type, company, status, or order number. These results will display in the 'Matched' tab. All orders will always show on the 'All' tab.

The grid that displays the orders displays the basic information about the order; Order #, Company Name, Order Date, Approval Status, and if the order is a GradLeaders Recruiting order (placed by the GradLeaders team on behalf of our GradLeaders Recruiting Clients.) The table below shows all of the different status' that and order can be in and what the status means for that order.




All resume books have been delivered via email and are ready to be accessed by the employer

Awaiting Shipment

The order has been approved, but has not been delivered via email because the resumes have not been released

Partial Shipment

One or more school products on the order has been delivered via email to the employer.

Refunded Full

The order has been refunded fully to the employer

Refunded Partial

The order has been partially refunded, some items will still be delivered via email once released

New Order

This is the default order status; all new orders will have this status until a school has approved the order.

Note: No Status will change to Completed or Awaiting Shipment if the employer also purchased a MultiPost job posting due to MultiPost being automatically approved.

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