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Emailing Multiple File Attachments

Emails sent through pop-up windows will allow a user to select multiple files to upload and attach to the email. Currently, this is only supported in the following browsers (Note: The versions listed are the minimum supported version. Please refer to the System Requirements article for a list of browser that are fully supported with GradLeaders Career Center.) Due to known issues within Safari, this browser is NOT SUPPORTED for multiple attachments.

  • Chrome 10+
  • IE 10+
  • Firefox 10+
  • Opera 9.8+

If you are using a browser that does not support multiple attachments, you will see a message stating “[browser] may not support multiple file uploads, which limits you to a single attachment.”

In order to add multiple attachments to the email:

  • click on the Email icon
  • in the email windows, click 'Choose Files'
  • in the Windows Explorer window, select 1 or more files to attach (Note: you are able to use the CTRL+Click to add multiple files in this window)
  • Once you've selected all of the attachment, click on 'Ok'

If after adding each of the attachment and clicking 'Ok', you find that you need to add additional attachments, if you click on 'Choose Files' again, the browser will remove all of the previously selected files from the list and only attached the file(s) selected the second time.

Also, only files within the same folder may be added to an email. In order to add files from multiple locations on your machine, it is recommended that you gather each of the files together into one folder location on your machine before starting your email. This will allow you to select all of your files at once.

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