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System Requirements

Since the system is a web-based application, there are no particular system requirements in order to fully utilize GradLeaders Career Center. However; since it is a web-based application, there are some internet configurations we strongly suggest. 

Web Browsers

This application is best if experienced with Google Chrome. GradLeaders also supports the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Edge. (While the application is accessible using the Internet Explorer browser, currently it is NOT supported.)

This application relies heavily on cookies to improve site performance. Optimal cookie settings will vary dependent on your browser, but you must have your browser set up to accept cookies to utilize this application.

Multiple Browser Windows / Tabs

GradLeaders Career Center is designed to be run in only one browser window/tab of a web browser at any given time. As a safeguard, the system will handle a multiple browser window/tab in one of the following ways, depending on the actions taken by the user.

  • If a user logs into a new browser window using the same browser type (which creates same session) then the old session will take the user to the multiple browser window where users have to close the window.
  • If a user opens a new tab or new window will take the user straight to the multiple browser window message.
  • If a user action takes an action that validates against the server, on the correct window right after multiple browser window then user will be taken straight to the dashboard.

Screen Resolutions

Optimal screen resolution is 1024x768. While GradLeaders Career Center is visible at lower resolutions, GradLeaders recommends and supports 1024x768.


When candidates apply on-line to job postings, they will be sending a PDF version of their resume. This PDF document is a high-quality representation of their original resume.

In order to view and print this PDF file you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 9 installed on your system. It is possible to use this job posting application without the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You may download the Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe.com at no charge!

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