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The content in the text box is running off the page

Problem: The content in the text box is running off the page.

Cause: The content is in an html text box. An html text box has the special editing functions in the task bar and allows html formatting code. In order to offer this type of freedom, we had to code the content entered in this text box to override the text formatting on the view page. Therefore, if you see text that is extending off the page or formatted poorly, its a result of the content in the html text box.

Resolution: Revise the formatting in the Normal tab. If the content looks fine in the Normal tab when your editing the content but still looks bad after you save it then the problem is HTML related. If your not able to find the problem in the HTML code for any reason then the easiest way to fix the formatting would be to do the following:

- Copy the content in the Normal tab

- Paste into Notepad

- Clear out any remaining code in the HTML tab

- Paste the content back into the Normal tab

- Reformat the text


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