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Resume/CV Database Module

This module is the core GradLeaders Career Center module and is very process-driven.  The process begins with the school working with GradLeaders to establish the candidate profile content.  GradLeaders will advise that the majority of our standard profile questions are left intact so that your candidates can be found by our GradLeaders Recruiting partner firms as they conduct candidate searches across all of our partner schools.  Schools may then customize the candidate profile as needed to meet their local needs and business process.

Candidates can register for the Resume/CV Database by filling in their contact information and candidate profile, and then uploading their resume/CV.  This is ideally a MS Word document but can be many other formats, including PDF, Mac documents, RTF, and more.  Once the candidate registration is completed, the school administrators can review all candidate data, modify candidate data as needed, email the candidates to ask for corrections/completion, and finally approve those candidates that are to be released to employers in the resume database (RDB).

In the meantime, employers have been placing their orders for access to the RDB.  School admin users can review and approve/decline access as they deem appropriate.  At the agreed upon release date, GradLeaders will release the RDB and approved employers receive emails with the needed URL and access code.  They are able to conduct candidate searches based on the profile data and keywords, and follow-up with recruiting the desired candidates.  A carefully prepared profile is the most important step a candidate can take in their job search as many employers will conduct searches instead of posting jobs to find matching candidates.   

For student-based RDB products, the release to employers is typically firmly scheduled, and as students accept positions, the number of available candidates can be managed by manipulating the student resume book status field.  This product typically expires in the summer immediately following the academic year.

For experienced hire RDB products, candidates self-manage their own status.  They can also choose to be confidential, which hides their contact information and resume/CV document from prospective employers.   The employer can only contact them via blind email.   This product is typically perpetual, and new candidates can register every day.  Employers have the added capability of setting up search agents so that new candidates that match their desired profile are brought to their attention via email.



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