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What causes the ’Multiple Browser Window’ message?

Question: What causes the 'Multiple Browser Window' message?

Likely Cause(s): Users encounter this message when when using CTRL+N to open a new window, or clicking on a link while pressing the CTRL button on the keyboard. Additionally, if a browser crashes, and is reopened, when prompted to restore the tabs that were closed in the crash, this would result in the same message.

Additionally, it has been found that a setting within Internet Explorer called 'Send Do Not Track requests to sites you visit in Internet Explorer'. When this setting is enabled, the browser is clearing the a JavaScript variable used by GradLeaders to determine if a new window or tab has been opened.  

This setting is located under Internet Options > Advanced > Security: Send Do Not Track requests to sites you visit in Internet Explorer.  

Resolution: Currently, GradLeaders Career Center does not support the use of multiple browser tabs/ windows throughout the system. The following pages have been updated to allow for the use of multiple browser tabs/ windows:

  • Candidate Job Detail
  • Candidate Interview Detail
  • Candidate Event Detail
  • Candidate View Resume Book (view resume)

When receiving this message on any other page, it is recommended to log out of GradLeaders Career Center, close your browser, and relaunch your browser following your normal login process.

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